Integrative Medicine for Mental Health medicine and nutritional sciences referral and registry

Clinician Registry - United States

The following professionals can assess and treat Mental Health disorders (i.e., depression, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, OCD, anxiety disorder, AD(H)D, eating disorders, etc.) based on an integrative medical approach. Integrative medicine for mental health is a whole body approach utilizing multiple fields of medicine and nutritional sciences. The goal is to help patients regain mental wellness through the use of individualized metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, dietary interventions, along with traditional medical treatments, including medications and psychotherapy.

IMMH clinicians are healthcare professionals who have attended and received training at an IMMH conference. This list does not imply any type of "certification" or guarantee of the level of skill, knowledge, or experience. Further research into the scope of practice and experience of individual clinicians listed is highly recommended. Please contact us if you need assistance with the registry.