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 Functional Psychiatry by James Greenblatt, M.D.

Traditional psychiatry developed as a branch of allopathic medicine. Historically, the primary focus of psychiatry has been to provide symptomatic relief. Unfortunately, this often results in what is known as "poly-pharmacy" - were a patient is on multiple medications, many of which are prescribed to relieve the side effects of the initial medication. Although there are many incidences where medications are vital to the well being of an individual this approach does not address the underlining causes of a person's illness.

Functional psychiatry understands mental illness as a metabolic disturbance that affects the neurochemistry of the brain. By examining an individual's exposure to toxic substances, poor dietary choices and environmental stresses the psychiatrist begins to unravel a series of events that have led to the patient's disease.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources was started in an effort to uncover the underlying causes of mental illness. Many individuals suffer from genetic vulnerabilities and sensitivities that are easily aggravated by multiple stresses and today's chemical laden environment. If these underlining disturbances are uncovered and addressed symptoms may improve without the use of medications.

After years of research and extensive clinical experience Dr. Greenblatt has developed an extensive metabolic assessment that is specifically designed to help uncover the true cause of an individual's disease. Often the disorder has multiple, inter-related causes that take a trained professional to untangle. Toxic heavy metals & minerals, unidentified food allergies, fatty acid imbalances and hormonal imbalances have all been identified as factors in understanding an individuals mental health and stability. The client may be directed towards one or more of these testing procedures to help uncover greater physical and mental health.

After a comprehensive metabolic assessment Dr. Greenblatt creates a wellness program that is unique for you. The program could include medications, dietary supplements, biofeedback, dietary and or lifestyle changes. Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources recognizes that these changes are difficult to both make and maintain. Dr. Greenblatt provides innumerable educational resources in addition to spending time reviewing the reasons for your specific program. As individuals begin to take responsibility for their health and wellness the greater they can make use of the knowledge gleaned from Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources' years of education and clinical practice.


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